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New Users - Please Read!

To all new users

ANTIQUEGUNLIST.COM is a classified ad site, an advertising forum where sellerscan list items for sale and potential buyers can browse the listings. The buyer and seller are able to contact each other and make arrangements for payment and delivery of an item for sale.

This site is for anyone who is legally allowed to buy or sell Antique Guns, Memorabilia and Collectibles. Guns made in 1898 or before are classified as Antique Guns.

By registering, you become a subscriber to this site. We do not share your registration information with any third party and we do not send you junk email.

To advertise on this site, log in and go to "Place a Classified Ad".

Once you have placed your ad, you will then go to a location to pay for your ad or ads. Each paid ad gives you one credit which is good for one ad. The cost of each ad is $8.00, which will run for one month and then be deleted. Prior to the end of the 30 day period, you will receive an email concerning the renewal of the ad. To pay for these ads we use PayPal who accepts all Major Credit Cards. PayPal is strictly for classified advertisement only.

If you wish to place an unlimited amount of classified ads per month, the fee is $300 for six month. The payment for unlimited use can be made by Pay-Pal or sending the funds directly to me.

With your help we should be able to monitor this site together and have a great site for everyone to use and enjoy.